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This paper examines the survey of tall buildings in an emergency context like in the case of post-seismic events. The after-earthquake survey has to guarantee time-savings, high precision and security during the operational stages. The main goal is to optimize the application of methodologies based on acquisition and automatic elaborations of(More)
The territorial data acquisition technologies vary second of the final product scale use. So it can be passed that the classical topographical survey or terrestrial laser scanners survey for engineering works, up to the satellite images multispectral analysis for regional scale and over.The classical aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR have a territory nadir(More)
This research illustrates the experimentations accomplished in the field of Cultural Heritage aimed to the determination of the " total form " of the objects with a high resolution, using a simple and transportable acquisition technology. The aim of this research is to identify the process and the methodology for the acquisition of geometric information of(More)
e-Historical sites. Georeferencing as availability of space-temporal data: Historical cartography towards advanced 3D view Summary The first results of the research in course are presented here, concerning the specification guide on georeferencing cultural heritage which is part of the Regione Lombardia (Lombardy Region) Risk Map related to the advanced(More)
Modern digital technologies give us great possibilities to organize knowledge about constructions, regarding multidisciplinary fields like preservation, conservation and valorization of our architectural heritage, in order to suggest restoration projects and related work, or to suppose a planned preventive maintenance. New procedures to archive, analyze and(More)
In this paper we would like to present a possible operating way to survey and model a very complex architecture, integrating different kinds of instrumentation and modeling methods. In particular we would like to convoy the attention on a possible measure and data elaboration procedure that allows collecting and post-elaborating data in a short time in(More)