Cristian Spirleanu

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Compared with control methods that use analog signals in servo feedback control loops, a control method through multi-agent related command messages for AGV positioning into a specific flexible robotic cell work sequence is presented. In order to ensure the communication between the vehicle and the robot, RTOS robotic controller prototypes with modified(More)
The paper studies the flexible robotic cells in cooperation with automated guided vehicle (AGV), in the presence of obstacles, at constant or variable speed and variable load, aiming to optimizing the interaction between AGV and flexible robotic cell components. Overall system performance is analyzed by using modeling tools for discrete event systems like(More)
In the paper, the authors propose a control system that merges building automation with robotic cells control field, using a network infrastructure based on original multifunctional controllers and software agents. Also, a modified communication protocol is defined. Proposed control system allows to be used in many practical applications. It is a good(More)
In this article, the authors propose a distributed infrastructure for intelligent building control using multi-agent technology, based on their own solutions. The novelties are regarding to modified Modbus communication protocol that was obtained by reorganization of the protocol data structure while keeping the standard functionality for legacy devices,(More)
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