Cristian Potter

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An analysis is presented of the implementation requirements for a linear power amplifier (PA) incorporating a predistortion lineariser. It is shown that the statistical distribution of the W-CDMA envelope affects the linearity requirement of the PA when viewed as a function of instantaneous power. Where there is a low probability of a given level, the(More)
In this technological age, vast amounts of data are generated. Various statistical methods are used to find patterns in data, including clustering. Many common methods for cluster analysis, such as k-means and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization, require input of the number of clusters in the data. However, usually that number is unknown. There exists a method(More)
Cluster Analytics helps to analyze the massive amounts of data which have accrued in this technological age. It employs the idea of clustering, or grouping, objects with similar traits within the data. The benefit of clustering is that the methods do not require any prior knowledge of the data. Hence, through cluster analysis, interpreting large data sets(More)
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