Cristian Peña

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Many practical applications are used in set covering problems (SCP), in this research, we used to solve SCP: the binary Fruit Fly Optimization algorithms. This algorithm is divided in four phases: initiation, smell based search local vision based search and global vision based search. The metaheuristic is based by the knowledge from the foraging behavior of(More)
In this paper, we propose a Modified Binary Firefly Algorithm to solve different instances of the Set Covering Problem (SCP). The Set Covering Problem is considered a classic combinatorial optimization problem, belonging to the class NP-hard problem [8] and have many practical applications. In this paper we consider applying Modified Binary Firefly(More)
This paper presents metaheuristic Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) to solve the Set Covering Problem (SCP), the SFLA is inspired by the social behavior of frogs, and is being applied to solve many optimization problems. The proposed algorithm includes eight binarization functions and discretization method for resolving the binary representation of the(More)
Particle colliders operating at high luminosities present challenging environments for high energy physics event reconstruction and analysis. We discuss how timing information, with a precision on the order of 10 ps, can aid in the reconstruction of physics events under such conditions. We present calorimeter based timing measurements from test beam(More)
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