Cristian Mornoș

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BACKGROUND AND AIM OF THE STUDY The early diastolic transmitral velocity/early mitral annular diastolic velocity ratio (E/Ea) reflects left ventricular (LV) filling pressure in a variety of cardiac diseases. The value of this parameter in patients with significant mitral regurgitation (MR) remains controversial. It has been hypothesized that, by combining(More)
BACKGROUND Early diastolic transmitral velocity (E)/early mitral annular diastolic velocity (Ea) ratio has been proposed as the best Doppler predictor for evaluating left ventricular (LV) filling pressure. PURPOSE To evaluate the relationship between a novel echocardiographic index, E/(EaxSa), and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure (LVEDP); Sa is the(More)
INTRODUCTION Torsional and longitudinal deformations are essential components of left ventricular (LV) performance. We believe that a precise assessment of LV function must take into account both LV torsion (LVtor) and global longitudinal strain (LVε). Therefore, we investigated with speckle tracking echocardiography the value of a new parameter, LVtor ×(More)
Ecocardiografic nu rareori sunt prezente modific\ri la nivelul atriului drept, date de persisten]a unor structuri embriologice care nu s-au resorbit. Diagnosticul [i conduita terapeutic\ ulterioar\ pentru ace[ti pacien]i este greu de stabilit. O astfel de structur\ este valva lui Eustachio, descris\ frecvent [i care uneori se înso]e[te de complica]ii(More)
Oxidative stress is a pathomechanism causally linked to the progression of chronic cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Mitochondria have emerged as the most relevant source of reactive oxygen species, the major culprit being classically considered the respiratory chain at the inner mitochondrial membrane. In the past decade, several experimental studies(More)
Mitochondria-related oxidative stress is a pathomechanism causally linked to coronary heart disease (CHD) and diabetes mellitus (DM). Recently, mitochondrial monoamine oxidases (MAOs) have emerged as novel sources of oxidative stress in the cardiovascular system and experimental diabetes. The present study was purported to assess the mitochondrial(More)
REZUMAT MULTIPLE ELECTRODES AGGREGOMETRY A NEW METHOD TO ASSESS THE PLATELET REACTIVITY IN NON-ST ELEVATION ACUTE CORONARY SYNDROME PATIENTS Daniela Maximov1, Adina Ionac2, Alina Lupu1, Cristian Mornos2, Stefan I. Dragulescu2 Introduction: Non-ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome (NSTE ACS) patients are at high risk for development of new(More)
INTRODUCTION Essential hypertension (HTN) is a multifactorial disease involving environmental, genetic and other factors. Over the past years, genetic studies of essential HTN have increased dramatically but the molecular mechanisms involved are still unknown. As part of a research program coordinated by Boston university (USA), we studied the role of(More)
Contact address: Cristina Văcărescu, MD. Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, 13A, G. Adam Street, Timişoara, Romania E-mail: INTRODUCTION ESC guidelines on cardiac pacing and resynchronization therapy recommends LV only pacing in non-pacemaker dependent patients to decrease the cost and complexity of the procedure and increase(More)
BACKGROUND The electroanatomical substrate of dilated atria is characterised by increased non-uniform anisotropy and macroscopic slowing of conduction, which promote reentrant circuits. AIM To analyse the relationship between electrophysiological properties of atria and echocardiographic markers of dilatation and increased filling pressure. METHODS The(More)