Cristian Masalagiu

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Both specification and verification of business processes are gaining more and more attention in the field. Most of the existing works in the last years are dealing with important, yet very specialized, issues. Among these, we can enumerate compensation constructs to cope with exceptions generated by long running business transactions, fully programmable(More)
, The paper introduces a model for processing systems which proi ides 'environment' to the abstract notion of process as introduced by Nicst [ 131. X basic componcllt of the model is ;I protection mechanism which is general enough to capture as particular instances known protection strategies [e.g. take. grant, create, parameter passing) [5. 8. 91. Decision(More)
We have created a framework for the development of a multi-agent system to control a group of elevators. This control system, besides real time useful response, must fulfill stability, massive concurrency and correctness requirements. These lead to the necessity of a highly evolved inter-agent negotiation protocol. We introduced a " contract net " like(More)
In this paper we analyse three well known logics (proposi-tional, first order predicate and propositional linear temporal logics) using a unified methodology. For each logic, we start by defining the syntax by constructively building a language L, followed by the semantics based on the notion of structure S : L → B, where B is the support set for a boolean(More)
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