Cristian Iacovita

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We report a fast, one-step, facile, and green preparation method that yields very stable and biocompatible silver colloids that are highly active as surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) platforms that has a possible application in biomedicine. Reduction of silver nitrate has been carried out using polyethylene glycol (PEG) which acts as both reducing(More)
The development of chemical systems with switchable molecular spins could lead to the architecture of materials with controllable magnetic or spintronic properties. Here, we present conclusive evidence that the spin of an organometallic molecule coupled to a ferromagnetic substrate can be switched between magnetic off and on states by a chemical stimulus.(More)
Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles (IOMNPs) have been successfully synthesized by means of solvothermal reduction method employing polyethylene glycol (PEG200) as a solvent. The as-synthesized IOMNPs are poly-dispersed, highly crystalline, and exhibit a cubic shape. The size of IOMNPs is strongly dependent on the reaction time and the ration between the(More)
We exploit several scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) techniques, such as atom manipulated scans and constant-height scans, to atomically resolve the adsorption geometry of isolated cobalt-phthalocyanine (CoPc) molecules on a copper (111) surface and to obtain proper low-temperature maps of the molecular conductance. By comparing these crucial findings to(More)
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