Cristian Gratie

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In a future vision of Ambient Intelligence – or AmI – our surrounding environment will integrate a pervasive, interconnected network of sensors, intelligent appliances and computer-like devices. This implies, on the one hand, hardware and interface related issues, and, on the other hand, a layer of context-aware services that manages the large quantities of(More)
Traffic congestion is an important problem of today's urban life. Various approaches have been analyzed for solving this problem, most solutions addressing only a specific cause of the congestion. This paper focuses on rush hour congestion and aims to address its cause, the fact that many drivers need to reach the same destination and use the same routes,(More)
The plethora of interconnected devices that surrounds modern people has yet to work together as a whole. An intelligent environment must sense and react to the actions of people, but to that end a large quantity of information must be exchanged throughout the system. Under realistic conditions, it is impossible to control and coordinate the exchange of(More)
Emergence is a key element in the research of multi-agent systems. Emergent properties provide higher level features to a system formed of simpler individuals. So far, emergence has been studied mostly through systems formed of reactive agents – that are easier to design and implement. As computational power increases and even small devices become more(More)