Cristian García Roig

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Actinobaculum schaalii may be a more common urinary tract pathogen than previously described. Here we report four cases of A. schaalii UTIs and we also propose a simple identification scheme to be used in the conventional microbiology laboratory based on standard biochemical tests.
INTRODUCTION Acute gastroenteritis is a common disease in children. Rotavirus is the major etiologic agent. OBJECTIVES To describe the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of acute gastroenteritis according to their etiology (rotavirus or other) in children younger than 5 years old in a private institution in the City of Buenos Aires. SECONDARY(More)
INTRODUCTION The presence of family members during procedures is a controversial topic. Despite the widespread perception of its benefits, procedures are often carried out in places with restricted access. OBJECTIVES 1. To know parent s and caregiver s opinion about their presence during the performance of invasive procedures. 2. To determine the reasons(More)
INTRODUCCIÓN Los procedimientos invasivos y no invasivos son frecuentes y necesarios para el manejo de niños con enfermedades agudas o crónicas. Todos generan miedo, ansiedad o dolor y, con frecuencia, estos niños son incapaces de cooperar o mantenerse quietos, lo cual complica o impide su realización. Por otra parte, los padres no siempre pueden colaborar(More)
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