Cristian García Bauza

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A method to simulate graphic animations of objects floating in a water surface in real time is presented. The fluid is simulated by means of the Lattice Boltzmann method for the shallow-waters equations and the movement of the floating objects is calculated with a Newtonian physical engine suitable for the mechanics of rigid bodies. A two-way interaction(More)
This paper presents a serious game system which recognizes user movements by means of the Wiimote device with accelerometer technology. Recognizing a new gesture involves normalization of Wiimote data and searching in a gesture templates database. Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) comparison algorithm is used as a correlation function to compare the new gesture(More)
We provide a closed-form analytical expression for the effective stored-energy function of Neo-Hookean solids reinforced by a random distribution of anisotropic cylindrical fibers, subject to general finite-strain loading conditions. The expression is obtained by means of a homogenization constitu-tive theory recently proposed by the authors (Lopez-Pamies(More)