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Given a generalized system whose transfer matrix function may be improper or may be polynomial, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions under which a minimal factorization does exist. The conditions are formulated in terms of deflating subspaces of pencils related to a special type of realisation, called centered, which allows to efficiently cater(More)
The problem of simultaneously squaring down and cancelling a specified part of the zeros of a completely general linear system by an invertible transformation is investigated from different standpoints. Various classes of solutions featuring minimal McMillan degree, unitary or J-inner symmetry, either with respect to the imaginary axis or the unit circle(More)
Solutions of the output regulation problem in a nonlinear setting invariably target systems presented under some “normal form”. This paper reviews a recently introduced such form for MIMO nonlinear systems and discusses consequent necessary conditions for solving the MIMO nonlinear output regulation problem. As opposed to the (by now classic)(More)
In this paper the general problem of output regulation when dealing with nonlinear MIMO systems is presented. In this context, normal forms for nonlinear systems are of great importance. Two normal forms for MIMO nonlinear systems are presented. The first one reveals the relative degrees vector and can be applied for square invertible systems (classic(More)
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