Cristian Draghici

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Glucosepane is a structurally complex protein posttranslational modification that is believed to exist in all living organisms. Research in humans suggests that glucosepane plays a critical role in the pathophysiology of both diabetes and human aging, yet comprehensive biological investigations of this metabolite have been hindered by a scarcity of(More)
Intermolecular radical addition to C=N bonds with acyclic stereocontrol offers excellent potential as a mild, nonbasic carbon-carbon bond construction approach to chiral amines. Here, complete details of the first radical additions to chiral N-acylhydrazones as an approach to asymmetric amine synthesis are disclosed. Novel N-acylhydrazones were designed as(More)
A three-step sequence to prepare polycyclic 2,5-dihydropyrroles from alpha-silyloxy ketones is presented. A Lewis acid-mediated ring fragmentation of cyclic gamma-silyloxy-beta-hydroxy-alpha-diazo esters provided tethered aldehyde ynoate intermediates which, when treated with amino acid silyl esters, underwent intramolecular azomethine ylide 1,3-dipolar(More)
This review summarizes all published total and formal syntheses as well as synthetic approaches towards vinigrol. The content is divided into sections, which are focused on each research groups contributions and how far each approach was advanced towards vinigrol. Graphical summaries of all the published vinigrol structural perspectives, starting materials(More)
A synthesis of the steroidal alkaloid demissidine from epiandrosterone is reported. A ring fragmentation reaction that efficiently ruptured the D-ring of a diazo ester derivative of epiandrosterone to provide an aldehyde tethered ynoate product was key to this sequence. Incorporation of the indolizidine framework was achieved by an azomethine ylide(More)
The evolution of the synthetic strategy resulting in a total synthesis of vinigrol is presented. Oxidative dearomatization/intramolecular Diels-Alder cycloaddition has served as the successful cornerstone for all of the approaches. Extensive radical cyclization efforts to form the tetracyclic core resulted in interesting and surprising reaction outcomes,(More)
Total Synthesis of Vinigrol Carbocyclic cage fight : The substrate controlled total synthesis of vinigrol features a strategic oxidative dearomatization/Diels–Alder cycloaddition reaction and a subsequent palladium-catalyzed cyclization cascade to construct the carbocyclic core. The C4, C9, and C12 stereocenters were installed using either reduction or(More)
Cyclic gamma-oxy-beta-hydroxy-alpha-diazo carbonyls undergo Lewis acid induced ring fragmentation to provide either ynoates or ynones tethered to an aldehyde, ketone, or ester. The fragmentation precursors are convenient to prepare by adding lithiated alpha-diazo carbonyls to alpha-oxy ketones. The fragmentation appears general and provides a variety of(More)
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