Cristian Dan Neacsu

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The matrilins form a family of oligomeric extracellular adaptor proteins that are most strongly expressed in cartilage but also present in many other extracellular matrices. Matrilins bind to different types of collagen fibrils, to other noncollagenous proteins and to aggrecan. They thereby support matrix assembly by connecting fibrillar components and(More)
UCMA (alternatively named GRP) is a novel member of the family of γ-carboxyglutamate (Gla) containing proteins that is mainly expressed in cartilage. We have used the zebrafish as a model organism to study UCMA function. Due to the whole genome duplication two Ucma genes are present in zebrafish, ucmaa and ucmab, located on chromosomes 25 and 4,(More)
The zebrafish is a potentially important and cost-effective model for studies of development, motility, regeneration, and inherited human diseases. The object of our work was to show whether myofibrils isolated from zebrafish striated muscle represent a valid subcellular contractile model. These organelles, which determine contractile function in muscle,(More)
Factor associated with neutral sphingomyelinase activity (FAN) is an adaptor protein that specifically binds to the p55 receptor for TNF (TNF-RI). Our previous investigations demonstrated that FAN plays a role in TNF-induced actin reorganization by connecting the plasma membrane with actin cytoskeleton, suggesting that FAN may impact on cellular motility in(More)
BACKGROUND Locomotion of cancer cells can be induced by TNF and other motogenic factors secreted by cells of the tumour microenvironment such as macrophages. Based on our recent findings that the TNF receptor adaptor protein FAN mediates TNF-induced actin reorganisation and regulates the directed migration of immune cells responding to chemotactic cues, we(More)
Matrilin-1 is the prototypical member of the matrilin protein family and is highly expressed in cartilage. However, gene targeting of matrilin-1 in mouse did not lead to pronounced phenotypes. Here we used the zebrafish as an alternative model to study matrilin function in vivo. Matrilin-1 displays a multiphasic expression during zebrafish development. In(More)
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