Cristian C. Phipps

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A behaviorally-oriented program for teaching medication management skills to psychiatrically disabled patients was field-tested in a broad range of inpatient and partial-hospitalization clinics representing a wide geographic distribution across the United States. Results indicated that medical practitioners and others in the allied health professions were(More)
Motivated by the need for greater speed, efficiency, and adaptability in climbing and walking robots, we have developed a bipedal planar robot that complements its walking and climbing capabilities with rolling. Rolling capabilities are provided by an innovative morphology, without the need for additional resources beyond those required by walking and(More)
This study evaluated the effects of chewing nicotine gum immediately before and just after drinking a moderate amount of alcohol. Four research questions were addressed. First, does chewing nicotine gum prior to drinking alcohol attenuate the increased craving to smoke that is typically associated with alcohol use? Second, does drinking prior to chewing(More)
Motivated by the need for greater speed, adaptability and efficiency in legged robots, a class of hybrid robots have been developed which hybridize rolling locomotion with legged locomotion. Herein we present a quasi-static rolling control law for the hybrid climbing/rolling robot the rolling disk biped. We provide experimental results comparing speed and(More)
Motivated toward dynamic rolling control of hybrid walking-climbing-rolling robots, this paper presents a greedy graph search method using two different metrics for purposes of joint path planning for a planar three degree of freedom hybrid mobility robot. Given an initial configuration and a desired net center of gravity location for the robot, the graph(More)
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