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The release of cholecystokinin from the dorsal and ventral region of the rat bed nucleus of stria terminalis was studied. Minislices from both regions were superfused with Krebs-Ringer-phosphate, and the cholecystokinin released into the physiological medium was concentrated previous to radioimmunoassay determination. For this purpose, cholecystokinin was(More)
With the fast growth of the Latin America ecommerce industry, it is thus indispensable to design effective applications for e-commerce websites in a Latin American context, by taking into account cultural factors. In this paper, we conduct an empirical study of different platforms from an exponential business sector. This paper presents initial evidence in(More)
The vertiginous change in technologies and the increasing sophistication that cyber space present require organization and permanent preparation. However, time, education and training, results too short and not appropriate enough through traditional training methods. Training through simulation may offer proper preparation to fight against new threats that(More)
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