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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the impact of concomitant methotrexate (MTX) on subcutaneous (SC) abatacept immunogenicity, and to assess safety and efficacy. METHODS This phase III, open-label study had a 4-month short-term (ST) period and an ongoing long-term extension (LTE) period. Rheumatoid arthritis patients were stratified to receive SC abatacept (125(More)
We report a 11 years old male diagnosed as a X-linked hyper-IgM syndrome that presented with recurrent infections and sclerosing cholangitis and later developed a gallbladder cancer. Immunological evaluation showed decreased levels of serum IgG and IgA with elevated levels of IgM. Study of CD40 ligand expression on mitogen activated peripheral blood(More)
Plagiarism refers to the act of presenting external words, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own, without providing references to the sources from which they were taken. The exponential growth of different digital document sources available on the Web has facilitated the spread of this practice, making the accurate detection of it a crucial task for educational(More)
During the last few decades, basic scientists and clinicians have gained a deeper insight of the cellular and molecular physiology of the immune system. The widespread application of molecular biology and genetic techniques has advanced our understanding of states of health and disease, bringing forth renewed hopes concerning the advent of a more "specific"(More)
We report a 26 years old female with a common variable immunodeficiency diagnosed at the age of 21, with recurrent pulmonary and sinusal bacterial infections, that had a clinical and laboratory remission. At the moment of diagnosis, she had agammaglobulinemia in the protein electrophoresis, very low level of IgG and IgM and absence of IgA. Absolute counts(More)
A 51 year old man with acquired immune deficiency syndrome for 2 years developed a chronic leukemia/T cell lymphoma. Anti HTLV-1 antibodies were confirmed by Western Blot. In the last months he developed hypercalcemia and leukocytosis of 130,000. Necropsy confirmed the diagnosis of Leukemia/T cell lymphoma without cutaneous involvement.
Hemocytes in the circulation and kidney islets, as well as their phagocytic responses to microorganisms and fluorescent beads, have been studied in Pomacea canaliculata, using flow cytometry, light microscopy (including confocal laser scanning microscopy) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Three circulating hemocyte types (hyalinocytes,(More)
Invasive fungal infections are an increasingly common problem in patients with cancer and other vulnerable groups. We report a case of hepatosplenic hialohifomycosis probably by Aspergillus sp. In a patient with acute leukemia, and prolonged neutropenia, treated with corticosteroids and broad spectrum antibiotics. A review concerning diagnosis, clinical(More)
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