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Charged Rotating Black Hole in Three Spacetime Dimensions
The generalization of the black hole in three-dimensional spacetime to include an electric charge Q in addition to the mass M and the angular momentum J is given. The field equations are first solvedExpand
Asymptotic behavior and Hamiltonian analysis of anti-de Sitter gravity coupled to scalar fields
We examine anti-de Sitter gravity minimally coupled to a selfinteracting scalar field in D ≥ 4 dimensions when the mass of the scalar field is in the range m 2 ≤ m 2 < m 2 + l −2 . Here, l is the AdSExpand
Asymptotically anti–de Sitter spacetimes and scalar fields with a logarithmic branch
We consider a self-interacting scalar field whose mass saturates the Breitenlohner-Freedman bound, minimally coupled to Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant in $Dg~3$ dimensions. ItExpand
Black holes and asymptotics of 2 + 1 gravity coupled to a scalar field
We consider $2+1$ gravity minimally coupled to a self-interacting scalar field. The case in which the fall-off of the fields at infinity is slower than that of a localized distribution of matter isExpand
Topological black holes dressed with a conformally coupled scalar field and electric charge
Electrically charged solutions for gravity with a conformally coupled scalar field are found in four dimensions in the presence of a cosmological constant. If a quartic self-interaction term for theExpand
Asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes in topologically massive gravity
We consider asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes in three-dimensional topologically massive gravity with a negative cosmological constant, for all values of the mass parameter {mu} ({mu}{ne}0).Expand
Exact black hole solution with a minimally coupled scalar field
An exact four-dimensional black hole solution of gravity with a minimally coupled self-interacting scalar field is reported. The event horizon is a surface of negative constant curvature enclosingExpand
Anti-de Sitter space and black holes
Anti-de Sitter space with identified points give rise to black-hole structures. This was first pointed out in three dimensions and generalized to higher dimensions by Aminneborg et al. In this paper,Expand
Higher-dimensional black holes with a conformally invariant Maxwell source
We consider an action for an Abelian gauge field for which the density is given by a power of the Maxwell Lagrangian. In $d$ spacetime dimensions this action is shown to enjoy conformal invariance ifExpand
de Sitter black hole with a conformally coupled scalar field in four dimensions
A four-dimensional black hole solution of the Einstein equations with a positive cosmological constant, coupled to a conformal scalar field, is given. There is a curvature singularity at the origin,Expand