Cristhian R Arias

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Twenty-one patients with acute traumatic spinal cord lesions, who were admitted to our spinal unit during 1974, have been treated with calcium heparin, using a dosage of 5000-7500 i.u. at 12-hourly intervals from the first days after the lesion until the use of a wheelchair, as a prophylactic measure in order to prevent venous thromboembolism. Of these 21(More)
INTRODUCTION Painful ophthalmoplegia refers to periorbital or hemicraneal pain plus ipsilateral ocular motor nerve palsies with or without oculo-sympathetic paralysis, sensory loss in the distribution of V1 and V2 can co-occur. There are many etiologies of painful ophthalmoplegia. Tolosa-Hunt syndrome is a steroid-responsive painful ophthalmoplegia(More)
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