Cristhian Olivares

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This paper presents practical aspects related with the operation, compensation, and protection of high-power cycloconverters used in the mining industry. Practical recommendations related with startup, compensation requirements, operational characteristics, and unexpected shutdown process are described. Fuseless characteristics of modern cycloconverters are(More)
The chromatin of the spermatozoa from the bivalve mollusc Protothaca thaca, has a peculiar composition in which coexist core histones with sperm-specific proteins H1 and Pt1, the latter being a protein exhibiting features intermediate between histones and protamines. In this paper, we report an analysis of chromatin organization using micrococcal nuclease(More)
The sperm nuclei of Aulacomya ater, family Mitylidae, contain three proteins (X, Aa5 and Aa6) which are specific to this cell type coexisting with a set of five somatic-type histones. Information about the chromatin structure resulting from this kind of association is scarce. Therefore, we have probed the structure of this sperm chromatin through digestion(More)
This paper presents the study of dynamic interactions between passive filters and high power cycloconverters drives. The dynamic interaction considers the impact of connection and disconnection of passive filters operating in conjunction with high power cycloconverters. The inrush currents generated by filter connection affects the cycloconverter operation.(More)
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