Cristhian Figueroa

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The Web of Data is an interconnected global dataspace in which discovering resources related to a given resource and recommend relevant ones is still an open research area. This work describes a new recommendation algorithm based on structured data published on the Web (Linked Data). The algorithm exploits existing relationships between resources by(More)
Business processes have become essentials on internal operations within organizations. However, these require efficient storage mechanisms that allow their extraction and reuse. This paper proposes a method of storing and retrieval business process models, formally represented as graphs and whose search is based on control flow patterns.
The evolution of the traditional Web into a Semantic Web and the continuous increase in the amount of data published as Linked Data open up new opportunities for annotation and categorization systems to reuse these data as semantic knowledge bases. Accordingly, Linked Data has been used by information extraction systems to exploit the semantic knowledge(More)
This paper presents <i>EC-Indexer</i> a new approach for Business Process indexing based on execution traces extracted from event-log files. Additionally, a tool implementing the proposed similarity mechanism was developed in order to evaluate the effectiveness by common measures as precision, recall, and f-measure. The results showed that even when the(More)
This paper develops a framework for retrieving business processes considering search requirements based on behavioral semantics properties; it presents a framework called “BeMantics” for retrieving business processes based on structural, linguistics, and behavioral semantics properties. The relevance of the framework is evaluated retrieving business(More)