Cristalle Watson

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This study focuses on ways that the size distribution of individuals influences the types and intensities of competitive interactions within a population of aquatic arthropod predators. Three field experiments and one laboratory experiment were designed to test for feeding interference, interference mortality, and dispersal effects within and between larval(More)
BACKGROUND Tropical diseases caused by parasites continue to cause socioeconomic devastation that reverberates worldwide. There is a growing need for new control measures for many of these diseases due to increasing drug resistance exhibited by the parasites and problems with drug toxicity. One new approach is to apply host defense peptides (HDP; formerly(More)
MOTIVATION Of the approximately 200 proteins that have been identified for the vaccinia virus (VACV) genome, many are currently listed as having an unknown function, and seven of these are also found in all other poxvirus genomes that have been sequenced. The G5R protein of VACV is included in this list, and to date, very little is known about this(More)
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