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The nature of clinical depression: Symptoms, syndromes, and behavior analysis
In this article we discuss the traditional behavioral models of depression and some of the challenges analyzing a phenomenon with such complex and varied features. We present the traditional modelExpand
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A micro-process analysis of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy's mechanism of change.
This study sought to clarify the micro-process of Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) by using the Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Rating Scale (FAPRS) to code every client and therapist turnExpand
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Depression stigma in a predominantly low income African American sample with elevated depressive symptoms.
It is widely recognized that stigmatization of depression leads individuals with depression to avoid treatment and discontinue treatment prematurely. However, this research has been conducted withExpand
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Translating the Theoretical Into Practical
Functional analytic psychotherapy (FAP) provides a behavioral analysis of the psychotherapy relationship that directly applies basic research findings to outpatient psychotherapy settings.Expand
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The impact of the active components of functional analytic psychotherapy on idiographic target behaviors
Basic behavioral principles (e.g., reinforcement) are compelling candidates for research isolating and evaluating psychotherapy mechanisms of change in contextual behavioral science. FunctionalExpand
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The Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Rating Scale: a Replication and Extension
Few theories of psychotherapy give direction to the therapist on a moment-to-moment level or make predictions about how specific therapist techniques change client behavior in session. FunctionalExpand
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One out of six individuals will experience depression during their lifetimes, yet the majority of these individuals will not seek treatment, and this problem is even larger for African Americans, forExpand
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An Analogue Study of the Mechanism of Change in Functional Analytic Psychotherapy
AN ANALOGUE STUDY OF THE MECHANISM OF CHANGE IN FUNCTIONAL ANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY by Cristal E. Weeks The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2013 Under the Supervision of Professor Jonathan W.Expand
FAP and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
This chapter is intended to help practicing cognitive behavior therapists make their treatment more intense, interpersonal , and impactful for both therapists and clients by incorporating the methodsExpand
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