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BACKGROUND & AIMS Metabolic syndrome (MetS), in which a non-classic feature is an increase in systemic oxidative biomarkers, presents a high risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease (CVD). Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet (MedDiet) is associated with a reduced risk of MetS. However, the effect of the MedDiet on biomarkers for oxidative damage has not(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to analyze data concerning mortality, morbidity, the number of re-admissions, complications, and cost per patient after pacemaker implantation, in groups of patients with different postoperative follow-up regimens. PATIENTS AND METHOD Data from 2108 patients with definitive pacemakers implanted between(More)
There is a direct relationship between the grade of obesity and mortality based on the increased cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. However, the results of studies in renal and liver allograft recipients relating obesity to morbidity and mortality are contradictory. A retrospective cohort study of 170 patients transplanted between March 1987 and July(More)
We characterized the oxidative stress (OS) status by the levels of reduced/oxidized glutathione (GSH/GSSG), malondialdehyde (MDA) and the mutagenic base 8-oxo-7'8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine (8-oxo-dG) in human gastric carcinoma (HGC) samples and compared the results with normal tissue from the same patients. We also analyzed 8-oxo-dG in peripheral(More)
A case of thrombosis in the superior vena cava after two permanent pacemaker implantations is described. Ten years ago the patient had a permanent pacemaker implanted because of disturbances in his cardiac rhythm. Five months later he was readmitted with pacemaker malfunction due to failure of the electrode and a new lead was introduced. In 1989 the(More)
A prospective, comparative study is made of 262 patients (195 males, 67 females) subjected to laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Two groups were considered: simple cholelithiasis (SC) (187 cases), and complicated cholelithiasis (CC) (75 cases: 63 acute cholecystitis, 8 hydrocholecystitis, 4 pancreatitis). Mean age was 51 among the SC cases, and 57 in the CC(More)
Between October 1992 and July 1994, 55 patients with gastrooesophagal reflux disease underwent laparoscopic 270 degrees posterior fundoplication. The technique used was exactly the same as for the conventional approach. There were no deaths but there were 2 peroperative complications requiring conversions to laparotomy: one oesophagal perforation and one(More)
INTRODUCTION We prospectively evaluated the results of stapled hemorrhoidectomy for grade III-IV hemorrhoids in the ambulatory setting. METHOD Eighty-five consecutive patients with grade III-IV hemorrhoids, treated with the stapled technique with PPH01 in the Ambulatory Surgery Service of the General Hospital of Valencia were studied. Symptomatic, ASA(More)