Cristóbal Tapia

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This paper presents selective coloring as a new paradigm for branch-and-bound exact maximum clique search. Approximate coloring has, in recent, years been at the heart of leading solvers in the field. Selective coloring proposes to relax coloring up to a certain threshold. The result is a less informed but lighter decision heuristic. Different operators for(More)
This paper presents two new exact general purpose bit-parallel algorithms (BB-SAT and BBP-SAT) for the Boolean satisfiability problem (SAT). Based on the authors' recent successful bit-parallel algorithm for the maximum clique problem, the SAT formula is first reduced to a directed graph which is then bit encoded. As a result, search traverses a bit vector(More)
We present a new implicit branching strategy for maximum clique. The new strategy is based in Konj and Janečič’s improvement over reference MCR algorithm. It uses a fixed initial non increasing degree vertex ordering at every step of the search, to obtain tighter bounds than MCR on average. We show that the new branching strategy(More)
This article describes the methodology followed in Computer Sciences and Microprocessor courses during the last academic year. All the performed activities was based on cooperative task that students developed in groups. That groups were made up by the professor after a diagnostic test. Through implementation of this methodology, the students showed a high(More)
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