Crispian Sievenpiper

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The analysis of event sequence data that contains system failures is becoming increasingly important in the design of service and maintenance policies. This paper presents a systematic methodology to construct a statistical prediction model for failure event based on event sequence data. First, frequent failure signatures, defined as a group of(More)
The Proportional Hazards (PH) model is an important type of failure time regression model which relates the occurrence probability of critical failures to influential factors. However, little research work has been done on detecting changes in the PH models fitted based on different sets of reliability data. This paper develops the methods for change(More)
A common type of reliability data is the right censored time-to-failure data. In this article, we developed a control chart to monitor the time-to-failure data in the presence of right censoring using weighted rank tests. On the basis of the asymptotic properties of the rank statistics, we derived the generic formulae for the operating characteristic(More)
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