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We study EC3, a variant of Exact Cover which is equivalent to Positive 1-in-3 SAT. Random instances of EC3 were recently used as benchmarks for simulations of an adiabatic quantum algorithm. Empirical results suggest that EC3 has a phase transition from satisfiabil-ity to unsatisfiability when the ratio r of clauses to variables exceeds some threshold r * ≈(More)
Multiplex networks arise in many real-world systems when different kinds of relationship connect the elements of the network. As a result, studying methods to detect communities in such network becomes increasingly important. Common approaches to this problem try to generalize methods from monoplex networks or apply tensor decomposition, but this field(More)
Food webs represent the set of consumer-resource interactions among a set of species that co-occur in a habitat, but most food web studies have omitted parasites and their interactions. Recent studies have provided conflicting evidence on whether including parasites changes food web structure, with some suggesting that parasitic interactions are(More)
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