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We study EC3, a variant of Exact Cover which is equivalent to Positive 1-in-3 SAT. Random instances of EC3 were recently used as benchmarks for simulations of an adiabatic quantum algorithm. Empirical results suggest that EC3 has a phase transition from satisfiabil-ity to unsatisfiability when the ratio r of clauses to variables exceeds some threshold r * ≈(More)
This thesis represents the first formal presentation of the algorithm for-machine reconstruction from spectral data called-machine spectral reconstruction theory or MSR. As might be expected from a work that introduces a novel approach—let alone one that is written by a student to satisfy the requirements of a degree—there is significant attention given to(More)
Multiplex networks arise in many real-world systems when different kinds of relationship connect the elements of the network. As a result, studying methods to detect communities in such network becomes increasingly important. Common approaches to this problem try to generalize methods from monoplex networks or apply tensor decomposition, but this field(More)
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