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Preoperative endocrine therapy is effective in postmenopausal patients with breast cancers expressing oestrogen receptor. We investigated the activity of primary therapy with letrozole in combination with GnRH analogue in premenopausal women with T2-T4 N0-N2 breast cancer, whose tumours expressed oestrogen and progesterone receptors. We measured the(More)
This paper presents a new model forglobal routings in FPGAs. The irregular interconnections in FPGAs can be generalized as multiple buffered interconnect stages, of which the electrical waveform can be adequately approximated. Based on the model, expressions of delay and fundamental throughput of the interconnections have been derived and validated. They(More)
This paper proposes an asynchronous serialized link for NoC that can achieve the same levels of performance in terms of flits per second as a synchronous link but with a reduced number of wires in the point to point switch links and reduced power consumption. This is achieved by employing serialization in the asynchronous domain as opposed to synchronous to(More)
Designs which require a phase relationship between two signals to be maintained along a link benefit from the use of repeaters which actively regenerate this relationship. This paper discusses some implementations of phaseregeneration circuits and attempts to introduce the reader to the issues encountered in the design of such circuitry. The paper proposes(More)
Global interconnection and communication at high clock frequencies are becoming more problematic in FPGA. In this paper, we address this problem by presenting an interconnect wave-pipelining strategy, which utilizes the existing programmable interconnects fabrics to provide high-throughput communication in FPGA. Two design approaches for interconnect(More)
∗ This work is funded by EPSRC (UK) grant EP/C512804/1 and is greatly acknowledged. Abstract This work investigates the application of serialization as a means of reducing the number of wires in NoC combined with asynchronous links in order to simplify the clocking of the link. Throughput is reduced but savings in routing area and reduction in power could(More)
Breast cancer rarely occurs in young women (<35 years). Several data indicate that diagnosis is associated with a worse prognosis, due to a more aggressive presentation. Although the effect of chemotherapy for premenopausal women is substantial, recent evidence suggested that patients with age <35 years with endocrine responsive tumors had a significant(More)