Crescencio Bravo

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Collaborative modeling tools are useful for many tasks within design or learning processes. However, they are difficult to build and are usually domain-specific. In response to this situation, we propose a model-driven method for the development of domain-independent collaborative modeling tools. This method consists of a methodological framework, a(More)
Much of the research on collaborative work focuses on the quality of the group outcome as a measure of success. There is less research on the collaboration process itself, but an understanding of the process should help to improve both the process and the outcomes of collaboration. Understanding and analyzing collaborative learning processes requires a(More)
0360-1315/$ see front matter 2009 Elsevier Ltd. A doi:10.1016/j.compedu.2009.02.005 * Corresponding author. Tel.: +34 926 295 300x371 E-mail addresses: (C. Br Modeling offers a promising form of constructivist learning for students. By making and executing models of dynamic systems in a computer environment, students are stimulated(More)
Pair programming practices usually take place on a single computer where two programmers collaborate, taking on the roles of driver and observer. This article presents COLLECE, a groupware system to support synchronous distributed pair programming practices, and includes a variety of experimental activities in which two groups of programmers were involved(More)
The advances in network and collaboration technologies enable the creation of powerful environments for Collaborative Programming. One such environment is COLLECE, a groupware system to support collaborative edition, compilation and execution of programs in a synchronous distributed fashion, which includes advanced tools for communication, coordination and(More)
The Simulation discipline has to face new challenges such as the incorporation of Collaborative Technologies for professional use as well as for teaching purposes. This integration permits the creation of new kinds of support for collaborative learning processes. In this paper we explore the potential of this synergy with DomoSim-TPC, a synchronous(More)
Computer Programming learning is a difficult process. Experience has demonstrated that many students find it difficult to use programming languages to write programs that solve problems. In this paper we describe several educational computer tools used successfully to support Programming learning and we present a global environment which integrates them,(More)