Crenguta Danila

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The covalent attachment of two CMPO-functions and two anionic Cosan groups to the narrow rim of tert-butylcalix[4]arene leads to a dramatic increase of the extraction efficiency for the cone isomer; Am(3+) is removed from 5 x 10(-8) M solution to more than 99% by a single extraction step with a 3 x 10(-6) M solution of the calixarene.
General strategies are described to synthesize calix[4]arenes which are fixed in the 1,3-alternate conformation and substituted selectively by amino groups. These derivatives are useful starting materials for the attachment of various groups via amide bonds, as demonstrated by several examples, but may be converted also to ureas, imides or azomethines. Four(More)
O-Alkylation of the dinitro calix[4]arene 2, easily available by selective ipso-nitration of the di-cyanomethyl ether 1, with allylbromide (DMF/Cs2CO3) gave tetraethers 3 and 4 with anti- and syn-orientations of the two allyl ether residues. The two possible stereoisomers of in the partial cone and 1,2-alternate conformation exist as an equilibrium mixture(More)
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