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The purpose of this paper is to report on qualitative research into the role of television soap opera as a resource employed by teenagers in identity work. The central methodological strategy has been to enable young people to do the research themselves. Twenty groups of young people (aged 14-15) were recruited to talk about soap opera without an adult(More)
Sir William Osler said that Oliver Wendell Holmes "was the most successful combination which the world has ever seen of the physician and man of letters," and so much has been written about Doctor Holmes it may seem futile to try to add anything, but, as Holmes himself wrote about Carlyle, "He remains not the less one of the really interesting men of his(More)
Shall our state legislature be allowed to take that which is not their own, to turn it from its original use, and apply it to such ends or purposes as they, in their discretion, shall see fit? Sir, you may destroy this little institution; it is weak; it is in your hands! You may put it out, but if you do, you must carry on your work! You must extinguish,(More)
The supervision of health personnel has always been important in the health sector. The introduction of decentralization and quality assurance, however, has made it even more relevant. This paper looks at the various roles of the supervisor and indicates key criteria for understanding the possible burden of supervision. An important factor here is the(More)
The year 1780 brought the darkest hours of America's struggle for independence. Whatever advantage the Colonists gained by the defeat of Burgoyne in 1777 was lost in two years of inactivity and minor defeat, and one event after another made it appear that Lord George Germaine would be successful in his tiring-out policy. Rochambeau's legion, whose coming(More)