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The first stage of many higher level analysis, detection and synchronisation tasks is the identification of note onsets. We present a method that involves no prior knowledge of the input signal, and may be applied to non–musical sounds. The technique highlights note onsets for various timbres in the presence of overlapping notes, and will also attempt to(More)
Although wavelet analysis has been shown to be of interest in an audio context, little interpretation of the wavelet coefficients has been attempted. This work utilises a semitone– based wavelet transform tailored for musical applications, and uses the coefficients to detect note onset locations in monophonic music. Many theories of rhythmic structure are(More)
The Raman spectra of thioarsenite and arsenite species in aqueous solution were obtained at room temperature. Solutions at constant SAs 1 SS of 0.1 and 0.5 mol kg 21 were prepared with various SS/SAs ratios (0.1–9.0) and pH values (y7–13.2). Our data suggest that the speciation of As under the conditions investigated is more complicated than previously(More)
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