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T he Zeitgeist object-oriented database management systems, developed by Texas Instruments between 1985 and 1990,' supported applications in computer-aided design and manufacturing, software engineering, knowledge representation, and hypermedia systems. From the Zeitgeist project, we learned that these applications have widely varying database management(More)
Military Coalitions are examples of large-scale multi-faceted virtual organizations, which sometimes need to be rapidly created and flexibly changed as circumstances alter. The Coalition Agents eXperiment (CoAX) aims to show that multi-agent systems are an effective way of dealing with the complexity of real-world problems, such as agile and robust(More)
Natural language interfaces to databases are not in couunon use today for two main reasons: they are difficult to use and they are expensive to build and maintain. This paper presents a functional overview of a new kind of natural language interface that goes far in overcoming both of these problems. The " ease-of-use " problem is solved by wedding a(More)