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T he Zeitgeist object-oriented database management systems, developed by Texas Instruments between 1985 and 1990,' supported applications in computer-aided design and manufacturing, software engineering, knowledge representation, and hypermedia systems. From the Zeitgeist project, we learned that these applications have widely varying database management(More)
This paper describes the <italic>Intermediary Architecture</italic>, a middleware architecture which interposes distributed object services between Web client and server. The architecture extends current Web architectures with a new kind of plug-in, making a new colleciton of Web applications easier to develop. Example services including Web annotations and(More)
Natural language interfaces to databases are not in couunon use today for two main reasons: they are difficult to use and they are expensive to build and maintain. This paper presents a functional overview of a new kind of natural language interface that goes far in overcoming both of these problems. The " ease-of-use " problem is solved by wedding a(More)