Craig W. Thompson

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The architecture of the open object-oriented database (OODB) management system, its requirements, and its computational model, which builds database functionality as an extensible collection of transparent extensions to existing programming languages, are described. The way in which open OODB's system architecture is decomposed into a kernal(More)
increases confusion in the opponent’s mind. This process is command-led, with human decision making primary and technology playing a secondary role. Shared understanding and information superiority are key enablers in this process and are fundamental to network-centric warfare ( In addressing interoperability requirements, we must also(More)
After several years of development, networked RFID is moving beyond the early adopter phase as more and more industry sectors are using this technology for increasingly diverse applications. Two main technological advances have made this possible: the wider availability of very low-cost and higher-range passive RFID tags that require no battery to operate,(More)
Agents, grids, and middleware are more closely related than you might think. I am involved in developing the software architecture for two software projects: one involves infrastructure for distributed, pervasive computing; the other involves partitioning huge data sets across data grids consisting of thousands of PCs. On the surface, these projects seem(More)
Conventional natural language interfaces suffer from several ease-of-use problems. They require a user to type and to formulate questions in a way that the system can understand. They have high failure rates which often frustrate users, and users often do not use features of the systems because they are unaware of them or don't trust them. In addition,(More)
Menu-Based Natural Language Understanding is a new approach to building natural language interfaces. It retains the main goals of natural language systems: flexibility, expressive power, learnability and mnemonicity. However, it solves most of the problems inherent to conventional natural language systems. All queries are understood by the system, interface(More)