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One of our main challenges in meteorology and environment research is that in many important remote areas, sensor coverage is sparse, leaving us with numerous blind spots. Placement and maintenance of sensors in these areas are expensive. It is therefore desirable to find out how, within a given budget, we can design a sensor network are important(More)
Pentoxifylline, a hemorrheologic agent that lowers whole blood viscosity by increasing red cell membrane deformability, recently was approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of intermittent claudication. The effect of this drug on the phenotypic expression of red cell blood group antigens was studied with cells collected from six(More)
A previously healthy 29-year-old man developed multiple hepatic abscesses secondary to Fusobacterium nucleatum. No underlying local disease was found. The leading portal of entry for the bacterium may have been the oral cavity; 4 days before the onset of his illness he had had extensive dental work. Immunological evaluation during the illness and in late(More)
Using the problem of selecting the best location for a meteorological tower as an example, we show that in multi-objective optimization under constraints, the traditional weighted average approach is often inadequate. We also show that natural invariance requirements lead to a more adequate approach – a generalization of Nash's bargaining solution. Case(More)
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