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Chorister Robin-Chat Cossypha dichroa gleaning on Bushbuck Tragelaphus scriptus
Bringing together these observations suggests that the association, in particular, of these two species, may be more common than previously acknowledged
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A pale-tailed Purple-crested Turaco
For at least eight months in 2013/2014 a bird with a pale tail (Figure 1) was observed at Leshiba Wilderness (22.986EsS 29.558EsE, c. 1200 m a.s.l.) in the western Soutpansberg Mountains, SouthExpand
Mangrove kingfishers (Halcyon senegaloides; Aves: Alcedinidae) nesting in arboreal Nasutitermes (Isoptera: Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) termitaria in central Mozambique : scientific notes
Mangrove kingfisher (Halcyon senegaloides) has an extensive coastal distribution from southern Somalia to the Eastern Cape, South Africa (Fry et al., 1988, 1992). However, in the Zambezi and SaveExpand
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Invasion of Psittacula krameri in Gauteng, South Africa: are other birds impacted?
Anthropogenic activities have resulted in the dispersal of many species beyond their natural range and there is ongoing concern over their impacts on native ecosystems. However, these interactionsExpand
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Minimal evidence of interspecific hybridisation between the Yellow-billed Duck and introduced Mallard in central and northwestern South Africa
Hybridisation is the interbreeding of genetically distinct groups that can lead to introgression – an exchange of genetic material between species. Hybridisation is of conservation concern when anExpand
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Impact of hybridisation in two Cossypha robin-chat species in southern Africa
Chorister Robin-Chat Cossypha dichroa, a South African forest endemic, and Red-capped Robin-Chat C. natalensis, a widely distributed species in African forest and woodland, are inferred to hybridiseExpand