Craig Shankwitz

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  • D C Washington, Michael Walton, Ernest H Cockrell, Robert E Skinner, Neil J Pedersen, Christopher P L Barkan +43 others
  • 2007
resources of the entire scientific and technical communities to bear on national problems through its volunteer advisory committees. The Transportation Research Board is distributing this Circular to make the information contained herein available for use by individual practitioners in state and local transportation agencies, researchers in academic(More)
Alcohol intoxication is a significant risk factor for fatal traffic crashes; however, there is sparse research on the impairing effects of alcohol on skills involved in motorcycle control. Twenty-four male motorcycle riders between the ages of 21 and 50 were assessed on a test track with task scenarios based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF)(More)
Differential Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) are susceptible to outages due to blocked or missing satellite signals and/or blocked or missing DGPS correction messages. Outages arise primarily due to environmental reasons: passing under bridges, passing under overhead highway signs, adjacent foliage, etc. Generally, these outages are spatially(More)
For many roadway applications, high-accuracy in-lane level vehicle position information is desired. Unfortunately, in many roadway environments GPS dead zones hinder sufficient GPS position accuracy. These roadway environments include underpasses, tree canopies, urban canyons, and any other locations where the view to the sky is limited. This report(More)
that the photographing of sessions/presentations and/or the audio or video recording of sessions/presentations is prohibited. As a courtesy to others, please set all cell phones to vibrate. The plenary will feature a series of invited talks addressing technological advances that enable navigation in areas where GPS signal strength is degraded. These talks(More)
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