Craig S. Mclachlan

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A Bayesian approach is presented for detecting and characterising the signal from discrete objects embedded in a diffuse background. The approach centres around the evaluation of the posterior distribution for the parameters of the discrete objects, given the observed data, and defines the theoretically-optimal procedure for parametrised object detection.(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of hypertension is increasing in Nepal. Thus, there is a need for a programme to improve primary healthcare. One possibility is to assign prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hypertension to female community health volunteers (FCHVs). OBJECTIVE To assess literacy and motivation to be involved in a hypertension prevention and(More)
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) has been extensively investigated for characterizing the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in controlling heart rate. Since ectopic beats, artefacts and noise of the ECG can affect the estimation of HRV features, pre-processing of the RR tachogram can improve the accuracy of HRV analysis and discriminatory power. This paper(More)
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