Craig Oliner

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Little is known about factors related to rehospitalizations that occur soon after discharge in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). The aim of this study was to determine if there are specific characteristics common to CHF patients readmitted within 30 days. Study methods included retrospective chart review. Patients included all those hospitalized(More)
To determine whether a single episode of physical activity is capable of inducing rapid phase shifts in human circadian rhythms, 17 subjects were studied two times under constant routine conditions, once in the absence of stimulus and once with a 3-h nighttime pulse of exercise interrupting the constant routine conditions. The profiles of plasma cortisol,(More)
The effect of food matrix on carbohydrate utilization during moderate exercise. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 24, No. 3, pp. 320-326, 1992. To determine the effect of food type and form on the rate of assimilation and utilization of a meal given before exercise, five physically active adult males walked for 4 h on a 10% uphill graded treadmill at 40%(More)
Pseudohypertension is a condition where indirectly determined BP (e.g. via sphygmomanometry) significantly overestimates actual intraarterial pressure. A patient who has a palpable, although pulseless, radial artery while the blood pressure cuff is inflated above systolic pressure, has a positive 'Osler sign'. This 'Osler manoeuvre' has been reported to(More)
UNLABELLED Iodine-123-phenylpentadecanoic acid (IPPA) is a synthetic fatty acid suitable for myocardial imaging. This study is the result of a Phase I/II trial to evaluate IPPA's ability to predict functional recovery in patients undergoing coronary revascularization. METHODS Twenty-three patients with documented coronary disease underwent sequential(More)
Patients who have low-risk clinical features and negative cardiac troponin levels may be suitable for early discharge after a brief period of observation in the emergency department (ED). Little is known about the prevalence and severity of coronary artery disease in such patients, although this has implications for follow-up. Subjects included 570 patients(More)
The renal and hemodynamic effects of intravenously administered fenoldopam mesylate, a novel dopamine-1 receptor agonist, were compared with those of sodium nitroprusside in 28 patients (18 male; 26 black, two white; average age, 49 +/- 3 years) with an average blood pressure of 219/137 mm Hg, most of whom presented with acute target organ damage.(More)
The Doppler-derived mean mitral valve gradient (DeltaP(M)) based on the simplified Bernoulli equation requires computerized integration of the Doppler signal and evaluation by a technician with the use of special equipment. We have noted empirically that the DeltaP(M) can be derived by the equation DeltaP(M) = (P(P) - P(T)) / 3 + P(T). Peak (P(P)) and(More)
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