Craig Munroe

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UNLABELLED Hepatitis C associated hypolipidemia has been demonstrated in studies from Europe and Africa. In two linked studies, we evaluated the relationship between hepatitis C infection and treatment with lipid levels in an American cohort and determined the frequency of clinically significant posttreatment hyperlipidemia. First, a case-control analysis(More)
Historically, physicians have perceived the quality of nutrition training during medical school as inadequate. A literature review suggests that this perception has not significantly changed since the 1950s. Many schools have worked to create clinical nutrition curricula for use during medical school. Interestingly, data suggest that medical students'(More)
Mechanical heart value prostheses have been in use since the 1950s. Many prostheses have been used for a while and then discontinued. Today, there are a large number and variety of prostheses in use and an even larger variety that are in place in patients. These may be explanted at any time for a number of reasons. It is essential for the practicing(More)
Suitable and timely early enteral nutrition is paramount to providing optimal patient care for the critically ill. Lipids serve many essential roles throughout the human body, and are important components of most enteral formulations. This paper reviews lipid structure, function, and optimal utility for this macronutrient in enteral feeds. The use of(More)
The care of patients with diabetes was assessed in eight general practices intending to establish mini-clinics. Seven of these practices subsequently participated in a mini-clinic scheme incorporating continuing education and audit. After 3 years further data were collected and compared with the baseline assessment. Seven other local practices which had not(More)
The physiology of a coronary to pulmonary artery fistula has not been well characterized. This case report demonstrates the flow velocity pattern of a coronary fistula to the pulmonary artery which supports the hypothesized physiology that flow is predominantly continuous without a phasic pattern. The flow velocity within a coronary fistula has not been(More)