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Hierarchical sampling and subsequent microsatellite genotyping of >2300 Haliotis laevigata (greenlip abalone) from 19 locations distributed across five biogeographic regions have substantially advanced our knowledge of population structure and connectivity in this commercially important species. The study has found key differences in stock structure of H.(More)
(2013). Assessing the effectiveness of two methods habitat characterisation for understanding species habitat relationships, using the western rock lobster Panulirus cygnus (George). (2012). Development and validation of a range of endogenous controls to support the implementation of practical Taqman real-time PCR-based surveillance for fish diseases within(More)
Long-term shifts in environmental conditions driven by climate change are predicted to persistently modify the distribution of a multitude of species. These range shifts can have significant effects on the functioning of ecological communities. Ocean warming along the southeast coast of Australia has seen a polewards shift in the distribution of the(More)
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