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Reticular basement membrane (RBM) thickening in asthma is considered to be the result of subepithelial fibrosis. Thus, the RBM in asthma should contain an excess of fibrils identified as interstitial collagen and the ratio of fibril to matrix should be increased above normal levels. Electron micrographs of the RBM were compared with those of interstitial(More)
W. Cartwright: William Cartwright is Professor of Cartography and Geographical Visualization in the School of Mathematical and Geospatial Sciences at RMIT University, Australia. He is Chair of the Joint Board of Geospatial Information Societies and Immediate Past President of the International Cartographic Association. His major research interest is the(More)
The landscape of map design has changed rapidly over the last few years. This has occurred mainly due to the release of major multi-scale map products, such as Google Maps, Here, Bing and Mapbox. These products, providing the possibility to generate seamless multi-scale maps have ushered in a new way of exploring the Earth and man's impact on it – through(More)
INTRODUCTION Hemicolectomies are not tailored in right-sided colon cancer resections, despite significant variation in the incidence and origin of the right colic artery (RCA). Early evidence suggests that removal of the relevant lymphovascular package and associated cancer as part of complete mesocolic excision (CME), rather than the entire right colon,(More)
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