Craig Milligan

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We model a value of statistical life (VSL) transfer function for application to road-safety engineering in developing countries through an income-disaggregated meta-analysis of scope-sensitive stated preference VSL data. The income-disaggregated meta-analysis treats developing country and high-income country data separately. Previous transfer functions are(More)
Pedestrian safety performance measures often use estimates of annual crossing exposure as inputs-but relatively little information exists on the uncertainty associated with these inputs. This research considers two sources of temporal information for expanding short-term counts: (1) a composite of pedestrian counts from other cities, and (2) local vehicle(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this paper is to enable better risk analysis of road safety performance measures by creating the first knowledge base on uncertainty surrounding annual average daily traffic (AADT) estimates when the estimates are derived by expanding short-term counts with the individual permanent counter method. BACKGROUND Many road safety(More)
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