Craig McNulty

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Groundwater radon levels of 83 Bq/L (2240 PC&) generated indoor radon levels >3300 Bq/m3 (89 pCi/L) at a commercial fish hatchery. Passive and active mitigation strategies to reduce the waterborne radon levels included a packed column, a waterfall through perforated grates, surface aeration, and bottom bubblers. Though waterborne co~centrations were reduced(More)
Partial Refinement A-Star (PRA) is an abstraction technique , based on clustering nearby nodes in graphs, useful in large path-planning problems. Abstracting the underlying graph yields a simpler problem whose solution can be used, by refinement, as a guide to a solution to the original problem. A fruitful way to view domain independent planning problems is(More)
1 Financial sector fraud is a topical subject at the moment, with several recent high profile cases raising both public and industry awareness. This research used psychometric techniques to discover if people with and without a formal education in Computer Science have different perceptions of risk in relation to the factors that can contribute towards this(More)
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