Craig Mattocks

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The evolution and convergence of modeled storm surge were examined using a high-resolution implementation of the Advanced Circulation Coastal Ocean and Storm Surge (ADCIRC) model for Hurricane Gustav (2008). The storm surge forecasts were forced using an asymmetric gradient wind model (AWM), directly coupled to ADCIRC at every time step and at every grid(More)
Cloud computing is a resource of significant value to computational science, but has proven itself to be not immediately realizable by the researcher. The cloud providers that offer a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform should, in theory, offer a sound alternative to infrastructure-as-a-service as it could be easier to take advantage of for computational(More)
To understand performance of evasive and interceptive actions it is important to know how people decide when to initiate a movement—initiating at the ‘right’ moment is often essential for successful performance. It has been proposed that initiation is triggered when a perceptually derived quantity reaches an invariant criterion value. Candidate quantities(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Past studies have shown that the use of coarse resolution SST products such as from the real-time global (RTG) SST analysis[1] or other coarse resolution once-a-day products do not properly portray the diurnal variability of fluxes of heat and moisture from the ocean that drive the formation of low level clouds and precipitation over the(More)
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