Craig MacAndrew

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One of the more f requen t ly voiced empir ica l genera l iza t ions to come out of psychopharmaeo log ica l research s ta tes the existence of an inverse re la t ionship be tween the the rapeu t i c effectiveness of a given drug and the length of t ime t h a t has e lapsed since i ts in t roduc t ion . This generaliza t ion epi tomizes in i ts ve ry cynic(More)
The responses of 786 young men (mean [+/- SD] age = 18.66 +/- 1.60)-294 substance abusers, 422 putative normals and 70 nonsubstance-abusing psychiatric outpatients--to the 36 items that comprise the Substance Abuse Proclivity (SAP) Scale were intercorrelated and the resulting 36 x 36 item intercorrelation matrix was factor analyzed by the method of(More)
The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) item response rates of samples of female alcoholics and of nonsubstance-abusing female psychiatric outpatients were compared with those of three samples of putative psychiatric normals--female adults, medical outpatients and college students--to find items to which the two psychiatric patient samples(More)