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The purpose of this study was to explore possible calculations using oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) values in order to develop a simple measure of insulin sensitivity. We devised a formula for an insulin sensitivity index, ISI(0,120), that uses the fasting (0 min) and 120 min post-oral glucose (OGTT) insulin and glucose concentrations. It appears to be(More)
Ammonia saturation constants were determined for representative pure cultures of predominant, anaerobic, fermentative rumen bacteria. Based on growth experiments with ammonia limited continuous cultures, average estimates for ammonia saturation constants of Bacteroides amylophillus and Bacteroides ruminicola were 10.5 and 23.5 microM ammonia-nitrogen,(More)
Eubacterium limosum was isolated as the most numerous methanol-utilizing bacterium in the rumen fluid of sheep fed a diet in which molasses was a major component (mean most probable number of 6.3 X 10(8) viable cells per ml). It was also isolated from sewage sludge at 9.5 X 10(4) cells per ml. It was not detected in the rumen fluid of a steer on a normal(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a case control study to determine risk factors and mortality associated with calciphylaxis in end-stage renal disease. METHODS Cases of calciphylaxis diagnosed between December 1989 and January 2000 were identified. Three controls were identified for each hemodialysis patient, with calciphylaxis matched to the date of initiation of(More)
Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) plays an important role in renal disease. We have recently demonstrated that in healthy mature human kidney, PDGF alpha-receptor expression is largely restricted to interstitial cells. The study presented here assesses the expression of PDGF alpha-receptor in 18 mature adult kidneys with arteriosclerosis from(More)
Production rates (entry rate into blood plasma) and other metabolic parameters for the IgG1 and IgG2 subclasses of immunoglobulins in mammary secretions (ratio of about 7 to 1) were determined in cows around the time of parturition by both single-injection and continuous-infusion isotope-dilution techniques. Four cows were given a single dose of 150 to 200(More)
Drinking water that does not equilibrate with ruminal fluid, i.e., bypasses the rumen, was studied qualitatively and quantitatively in eight rumen-fistulated lactating Holstein cows. Decreased temperatures in the sulcus omasi and abomasum shortly after initiation of drinking indicated that water had bypassed the rumen. Recovery of a water-soluble marker,(More)
BACKGROUND Concerns have been raised about emergence of ganciclovir resistance as a result of the advent of both routine oral ganciclovir prophylaxis and highly potent immunosuppression. We retrospectively assessed the occurrence of ganciclovir-resistant cytomegalovirus disease among transplant recipients who had received oral ganciclovir prophylaxis and(More)