Craig L Anderson

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[1] This article presents first results of deriving relative surface soil moisture from the METOP-A Advanced Scatterometer. Retrieval is based on a change detection approach which has originally been developed for the Active Microwave Instrument flown onboard the European satellites ERS-1 and ERS-2. Using model parameters derived from eight years of ERS(More)
BACKGROUND Walking or bicycling to school could contribute to children's daily physical activity, but physical environment changes are often needed to improve the safety and convenience of walking and cycling routes. The California Safe Routes to School (SR2S) legislation provided competitive funds for construction projects such as sidewalks, traffic(More)
Safe Routes to School (SR2S) programs have generated tremendous interest among U.S. policymakers, planners, and public health officials in recent years. These programs target the walk to school as an essential point of intervention to improve pedestrian safety and increase physical activity among children. In this article, we evaluate California’s(More)
OBJECTIVE Mortality and morbidity data on childhood injury are used to construct developmentally appropriate intervention strategies and to guide pediatric anticipatory counseling on injury prevention topics. Effective anticipatory guidance depends on detailed injury data showing how risks change as children develop. Conventional age groupings may be too(More)
The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) onboard the Metop-A satellite became operational shortly after launch in 2006, and an absolute calibration using three transponders was achieved in November 2008. In this paper, we describe how the CMOD5.n ocean backscatter geophysical model function (GMF), which was derived using data from previous scatterometers onboard(More)
The goal of this observational study was to measure change in alcohol consumption at 6 months following emergency department computerized alcohol screening brief intervention (CASI) and referral to treatment (ED-SBIRT) with integrated brief negotiated interview (BNI) and computer-generated personal alcohol reduction plans. At-risk patients received a BNI by(More)
Three national US agencies report on work-related fatal injuries, and one uses the "injury at work" designation on the death certificate to identify and characterize these fatalities. The accuracy of the "injury at work" notation has not been validated. The authors used selected external causes of death (from the International Classification of Diseases,(More)
This study compares pickup truck driver-owners and drivers who owned only automobiles with respect to demographic factors, conditions of use, risk-taking driving behavior, prior driving history and attitudes towards motor vehicle laws. A telephone survey conducted in Riverside County, CA determined that 36% of the households had a pickup truck. Pickup truck(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to analyze causes of injury hospitalization/death by individual year of age and by specific causes of injury and to examine how well aggregate age groups represented individual year-of-age rates. METHODS Hospital discharge data and death certificate data for California residents age 0 to 19 years with a principal(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE We assess the diagnostic accuracy of emergency physician-performed bedside ultrasonography and radiology ultrasonography for the detection of cholecystitis, as determined by surgical pathology. METHODS We conducted a prospective, observational study on a convenience sample of emergency department (ED) patients presenting with suspected(More)