Craig K. Smith

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—WindSat is a space-based polarimetric microwave ra-diometer designed to demonstrate the capability to measure the ocean surface wind vector using a radiometer. We describe a non-linear iterative algorithm for simultaneous retrieval of sea surface temperature, columnar water vapor, columnar cloud liquid water, and the ocean surface wind vector from WindSat(More)
To determine the interaction energy between cross-strand pairs of side chains on an antiparallel beta sheet, pairwise amino acid substitutions were made on the solvent-exposed face of the B1 domain of streptococcal protein G. The measured interaction energies were substantial (1.8 kilocalories per mole) and comparable to the magnitude of the beta sheet(More)
—WindSat is the first space-based polarimetric microwave radiometer. It is designed to evaluate the capability of polarimetric microwave radiometry to measure ocean surface wind vectors from space. The sensor provides risk reduction for the National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System Conical Scanning Microwave Imager/Sounder, which is(More)
Incubation of a rabbit endometrial cell line (HRE-H9 cells) with KCl (5-60 mM) for 30 min enhanced IR-GnRH secretion, with 30 and 60 mM producing the greatest stimulatory effect (280 +/- 19% and 298 +/- 49% of control group, respectively). By adding 30 mM KCl into HRE-H9 culture and increasing the incubation time to 90 min, there was a stepwise increase in(More)
The relationship of life change to the onset of cancer was studied in 22 pairs of HLA-identical siblings who were discordant for hematologic malignancies. The twin pairs were hospitalized for bone marrow transplantation. Life change was measured using a well-validated instrument, the Schedule of Recent Experiences (SRE). Contrary to our expectations, we(More)
This study investigated the effects of visual and auditory modality preferences on work recall in bisensory and unisensory split-span tasks. Subjects tended to perform better in the bisensory rather than unisensory condition. Modality preferences (n = 72 subjects) were generally unrelated to performance in these experimental conditions. These findings(More)
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