Craig John Mitchell

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The tinnitus of 32 subjects was studied. The tinnitus in each subject was matched to tones and bands of noise. Tones were then used to determine masking curves. Four types of masking curves were found. These types are similar to those previously reported. The findings also supported previous studies where tinnitus masking curves were found to differ(More)
Thresholds for detecting the presence of amplitude modulation in a noise carrier were determined for rats using conditioned avoidance procedures. There was a progressive increase in threshold with modulation rates between 5 Hz and 2 kHz. Further tests were conducted to determine difference thresholds for detecting an increase in modulation rate for standard(More)
Orthogonal pulse-shape modulation using Hermite pulses for ultra-wideband communications is reviewed. Closed-form expressions of cross-correlations among Hermite pulses and their corresponding transmit and receive waveforms are provided. These show that the pulses lose orthogonality at the receiver in the presence of differentiating antennas. Using these(More)
PURPOSE Focal therapy has been proposed as an alternative method to whole-gland treatment for prostate cancer when aiming to reduce treatment side effects. The authors recently validated a radiobiological model which takes into account tumor location and tumor characteristics including tumor cell density, Gleason score, and hypoxia in order to plan optimal(More)
The design of a class of jitter-robust, Hermite polynomial-based, orthogonal pulses for ultra-wideband impulse radio (UWB-IR) communications systems is presented. A unified and exact closed-form expression of the autoand cross-correlation functions of Hermite pulses is provided. Under the assumption that jitter values are sufficiently smaller than pulse(More)
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