Craig Jamieson

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This paper proposes an extension of Knuthpsilas complementation method for constructing balanced codewords. By placing the encoding process in the context of a multimode code, we propose generating a number of alternative balanced words using Knuthpsilas method to represent each source word, and selecting the word with minimum squared weight (MSW) as the(More)
Implementation of modern digital transceivers requires an expertise in numerous fields. Conventional transceiver design methods are no longer sufficient to guarantee a fast conversion from initial concept to final product. Moreover, in the testing phase, system simulations alone cannot provide the full insight into the system parameters and performance,(More)
This review describes recent developments in approaches to high-throughput reaction optimization, as well as the associated analytical techniques. The studies discussed include the use of UV-visible, IR-thermographic and mass spectrometric methods for application in catalyst development, process optimization and materials science. Other methods of potential(More)
Constrained sequence codes are widely used to help meet constraints imposed by digital storage and communication systems. This paper presents a straightforward approach to evaluate the capacity of constrained sequence codes that are modelled by a two-dimensional finite state machine (FSM) with nearest-neighbour connections. Starting with the equivalent(More)
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