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The Montreal Process was formed in 1994 to develop an internationally agreed upon set of criteria and indicators for the conservation and sustainable management of temperate and boreal forests. In response to this initiative, the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) and Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) programs of the United States Department of Agriculture(More)
The national Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) program conducted a remeasurement study in 1999 to evaluate the usefulness and feasibility of collecting data needed for investigating carbon budgets in forests. This study indicated that FHM data are adequate for detecting a 20% change over 10 years (2% change per year) in percent total carbon and carbon content(More)
Independent studies by both the World Health Organisation and the World Bank (1 990) have estimated that 500,000 individuals lose their lives each year as a result of road accidents, and over 15 million suffer injuries. The majority of these-around 70 per cent-occur in those countries which the World Bank classifies as low or middle income. However, a(More)
  • C J Palmer
  • 1997
Acknowledgement of the cultural aspects of the person is necessary if nurses are to provide holistic care to the recipients of health-care services. The nature of the content to be delivered, as well as the timing and strategies for integrating content into the curriculum, are well debated. A range of innovative educational strategies used by the School of(More)
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